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Do I need planning permission?

Welcome to Cambridge City Council's Online Expert System

Do I Need Planning Permission?

The system will tell you whether your proposal requires planning permission on a specified property or site.

It should be remembered that the system relies upon the accuracy of answers that are returned. We welcome any comments you may have on any aspect of the system

What happens next?

On entering the site you will be asked to enter an address for the proposed works. You may be asked to pick from a number of alternative addresses. This address will then be shown on a map. By following the instructions shown on the map, you will first select the land within the boundary of your property or site and then submit this to the next stage.

The system will confirm the parcel of land chosen and any constraints associated with the land. You will then select the nature of the proposed development and be presented with a series of questions relating to your proposal, which can be answered by a simple tick in a box.

At the end you will be advised whether permission is required and have the option to print or email an enquiry confirmation for your records.

To use this system it would be useful to have the following information to hand:

For extensions or new buildings you will need to know the dimensions (height, width, length) of the proposal and position in relation to the highway.

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