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Representation 14186 on Issues and Options Report by Mr Richard Taylor

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Issues and Options Report - Option 47 - Establishment of a Cambridgeshire Community Energy Fund
Representation: Support move away from on-site, or specific site related, provision of eg. heat and power generation.

Focus ought be on making energy supply via the national gas and electricity grids efficient and resilient.

Funding should be from all, not via another tax on those wanting to buy homes.

Original submission

I am happy to see that there is a move away from on-site provision of technologies to seek to achieve so called 100% efficiency. My prime concern was on site provision may result in higher energy costs in the long term as residents will have to maintain economically inefficient equipment for generating heat and power and would not be free to benefit from the open market competition available to those on the grid.

I think that the focus ought be on the national picture, and on the resilience and affordability of energy from the grid; I don't think developers, and those seeking to buy a house to live in, ought be specifically taxed to fund improvements to our energy system, this is something society as a whole ought pay for, through general taxation and energy bills.

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