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Representation 14444 on Issues and Options Report by Mr Richard Taylor

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Document Link: Issues and Options Report - 12.1
Representation: Cycling infrastructure ought be a much bigger part of the plan.

Original submission

I am surprised there isn't a substantial section of this plan dedicated to covering cycling infrastructure. Cambridge's high rates of cycling are in my view despite, not because of, the quality of the infrastructure.

I would like to see more, safer, cycle routes, and think safe cycle routes from new developments to the city centre and other key sites ought be a primary factor in determining if a site is suitable for development or not.

I think the city's parks are key cycle routes, and the plan and the city's policies ought reflect that.

The city centre is also an important cycling thoroughfare which needs to be retained as such, to make cycling attractive as a direct option for getting around the city.

One key area I where I would like to see improvement is Carlyle Road to Jesus Lock bridge; this is a very popular cycle route, and there are opportunities to make the area safer, including perhaps by closing Carlyle Road to motor vehicles at some point along it.

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