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Representation 14542 on Issues and Options Report by Mr Richard Taylor

Support / Object: SUPPORT
Document Link: Issues and Options Report - Question 11.26
Representation: I don't think the plan should be overly prescriptive and dictate that all that will be acceptable on a pub or ex-pub site is a pub.
The council should adopt a policy inviting and encouraging innovative proposals for development; and ought look favourably on those which retain an element of community facility (even if that's perhaps a facility for say the small business community).

Original submission

I don't think the plan should be overly prescriptive and dictate that all that will be acceptable on a pub or ex-pub site is a pub, this is what's happening in general around the city and it has resulted in lots of boarded up buildings many of which have great, untapped, potential.

My overall view on planning is that the council should generally not seek to interfere with economics, and when it decides to, as it they should, there need to be very good reasons. Properties change uses over time as demand changes, the council shouldn't try and set the city in stone as it is through the planning process as that constrains innovation and restricts people's rights to do generally what they like with their property, as long as its not going to unduly go against the interests of others and the wider interests of the city.

I would not like to see a policy on pubs which would prevent their use as for example co-working business centres which would still provide a benefit to the city and promote the economic aims of other aspects of the plan. I would like to see a policy which allowed councillors to consider favourably development options on pub sites which retain some kind of community, at least semi-public, usage.

I do not think the policy should rule out mixed developments on ex-pub sites; for many sites innovative and positive developments might well include aspects of residential use, commercial use and public or semi-public use. I would like to see the plan send the message the council is open minded and invites innovative ideas, in the public interest, for pub sites being redeveloped.

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