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Representations on Draft Open Space and Recreation Strategy - June 2011 - 2.23

Representation ID: 5881

COMMENT Historic England (Kayleigh Wood)


The management of trees, including street trees, is highly relevant to this document, and we note that a strategy exists to cover this aspect (para 2.23). Some trees, such as those planted by the Cambridge Preservation Society at the southern entrance to Cambridge have strong historical associations; others have clear architectural value - for instance, those lining Barton Road. Mature specimen trees within open space make an important contribution to the city's townscape. It would be appropriate to emphasise the overlap between the strategies and the value of setting management regimes for both open space and trees.

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Representation ID: 5827

SUPPORT Mr Richard Taylor


I think it is positive that the council is accepting that it doesn't have a current tree policy. I think it is really important to get a consistent approach to making decisions with respect to all trees in the public realm in the city in an open and democratic fashion.

If a new Arboricultural Strategy is agreed by the City Council will it automatically become part of this open space and recreation policy? Can this policy be written in such a way so that it does, or can a mechanism for fast-tracking it in be created?

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