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Representations on Draft Open Space and Recreation Strategy - June 2011 - 4.15

Representation ID: 5938

OBJECT Cambridge Past, Present and Future (Ms Carolin Gohler)


Additional bullet point required:
* Opportunities for new open space
CambridgePPF welcomes the detailed information however considers such to be put into better context now and in any future reviews:
In addition each table should have more detailed summary information:
* Total area of ward in hectares
* Total area of private open space in hectares
* Total area of public open space in hectares
* Special box highlighting provision of allotments etc - hectares per 1,000
population and if underused or demand in area etc

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Representation ID: 5850

COMMENT Cambridgeshire County Council (Mr Adrian Tofts )


It would be beneficial if a summary of the Strategy could be produced to go with the separate ward profiles, which would be helpful for local communities to use in the neighbourhood planning process.

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